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Our original blend of tropical sea salts and epson salts helps to detox and restore your bodies chemical balance. This bright blend will relax overworked muscles and relieve tension while also softening the skin and giving it a renewed appearance.//100% Natural

SCENT: A bright and floral blend relaxes and relieves tension.

*Vegan, Sulfate free, Petrochemical free, Paraben free, Never tested on animals


FULL INGREDIENTS: epson salt. tropical sea salt. dendritic salt. baking soda. tapioca powder. hibiscus powder. organic natural fragrance. dried flower blend.

HOW TO USE: Sprinkle bath salts under warm running water. Mix well and relax.

FILL WEIGHT: 11oz/312g

PACKAGING INFORMATION: Includes a recyclable thick glass bottle with a water resistant label with full ingredient list.