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BATH CRYSTAL GIFT SET: A one of a kind gift for anyone who loves to relax in the bath.  A selenite bath bomb, forbidden rice body scrub and a beautiful piece of aura quartz.  See full description below.

All products 100% natural: Vegan - No sulfates, petrochemicals, or parabens - Never tested on animals



+SELENITE BATH BOMB: A bath bomb incorporating selenite powder. Selenite is said to calm and sooth, bringing a deep peace and sense of tranquility.  Physically, it removes ante energy blockages from the physical and Etheric body. 4oz.**

+FORBIDDEN RICE BODY SCRUB: The ultimate scrub for the body that incorporates rice, which has been a beauty secret for centuries.  The skin will feel soft, smooth, and nourished. 9oz glass container.**

+AURA QUARTZ CLUSTER:  Aura Quartz crystals provide a calm, relaxing effect on the emotional body and are soothing and healing to the aura. They are exceptional for releasing negativity and stress, old wounds, and long-held doubts about one’s self-worth. Attuned to loving energies of the Universe, they help one see and connect to the beauty that surrounds us all. These crystals are uplifting to the spirit and promote natural joy, hope and optimism.

Chakra: All
Stone: Aura Quartz Cluster
Size: 216g. 3.5 inches long.

**see listing for full description and ingredients: selenite bath bomb and forbidden rice body scrub.


This is a one of a kind box due to every crystal being unique.